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Charleroi Metro Map

Logo Metro BrusselsThe Metro is located in Charleroi Belgium

This is not really considered a meter, but rather as part of the country's rail system. It was inaugurated on 21 June 1976, currently 20 Tube stations along 17,5 Km (10,9 Miles), equivalent to a station each 875 meters (956,9 Yards).

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Charleroi metro mapCharleroi Metro Map Charleroi Metro Map


Map of Brussels Subway

Logo Metro BrusselsThe Brussels Metro (officially is called as “Metro de Bruxelles”, or also “Brusselse metro”) is in Belgium.

It was extended with new stations in the year 2009, currently 61 Tube stations along 49,9 Km (31 Miles), ie, each station there 818 meters (894,6 Yards).

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Brussels subway map

PDF version of the map: Brussels Metro Map (Brussels).pdf


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Subway map of Antwerp 2014 (Antwerp)

Logo meter Antwerp (Antwerp)The Metro Antwerp (o Antwerp and su idioma), en is located Belgium.

This is not really considered a meter, but rather an extension of the tram network called him and themselves “premetro” instead metro. He was inaugurated on 25 March 1975, currently 11 Tube stations along 7,6 Km (4,7 Miles), which is to have on average each station 690,9 meters (755,6 Yards).

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Subway Map Antwerp (Antwerp)PDF version of the map: Underground Map Antwerp (Antwerp).pdf