Barcelona metro map

logo2This is the map of the Barcelona metro (Spain) or also called “Metro Barcelona”.

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Barcelona metro map 2022

It was extended with new stations in the year 2011, and had 166 Tube stations along 125 Km (77.7 miles), ie, each station 753 meters (0.46 miles).

But in February of the year 2016, They were inaugurated 15 new stations on the line 9 sure, it goes from the airport to the city center for a price of 4,50 Euros. So now the Barcelona metro has 181 stations, 145 Km (90.1 miles) total. The map of the year 2017 They have added new lifts and improved graphic design.

Barcelona metro map, year 2012, printable version low ink.

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Other maps line at the Barcelona metro:

Line 1, barcelona metro, red line L1, metro stops map Line 2, barcelona metro, linea lila L2, metro stops map Line 3, barcelona metro, green line L3, metro stops map Line 4, barcelona metro, yellow line L4, metro stops map Line 5, barcelona metro, blue line L5, metro stops map Line 6, barcelona metro, violet line, linea L6, metro stops map Line 7, barcelona metro, brown line, linea L7, metro stops map Line 8, barcelona metro, pink line, line L8, metro stops map Line 9 Nord, barcelona metro, north orange line, line L9 north, metro stops map Line 9 On, barcelona metro, orange line, line L9 south, metro stops map Line 10 Nord, barcelona metro, light blue north line, line L10 north, metro stops map Line 10 On, barcelona metro, light blue line south, line L10 south, metro stops map Line 11 barcelona metro, line L11, metro stops map


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