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Baku metro map

13 June, 2024

Baku metro, officially known as “Bakı Metropoliteni”, is the underground transportation system of the capital of Azerbaijan.

Inaugurated on 6 November 1967, This system has grown and expanded over the years, with its latest expansion in 2022.

At the moment, has 3 lines that cover 27 stations along 40.3 kilometres (about 25.04 miles).

subway map

Below we show you the Baku metro map, click on the image to see it larger:

Baku metro map.

Baku metro timetable

Baku Metro operates with the following schedules:

  • Every day: of 6:00h a 0:00h.


The system offers an affordable fare for passengers (year 2024):

  • One-way ticket: 0.30 AZN (~0.18 USD) for a single trip.

Official Web site

For more information, visit the Baku metro official site.

History of the subway

Logo of Baku Metro

Baku metro, inaugurated on 6 November 1967, was inspired by Soviet metro systems, It started with a line 9.2 kilometers and five stations: Baku Soviet (now Cherry Sheher), Sahil, 28 April (hoy 28 May), Ganjlik y Nariman Narimanov.

The second line was built between the decades of the 70 y 80, added important stations like Nizami y Memar Ajami.

During the years 90, the stations were renamed to reflect the post-Soviet period, and the system expanded across the Purple Line and other new stations, as Koroglu, 8 November y Bus station​​.

Baku Metro Map History

The current version was designed by Ramin Həsənəlizadə in 2015, who identified the difficulties that travelers had navigating the system. Created a new version that clarified the routes and routes in different directions, ensuring information was clear to passengers, including tourists. The new design clearly indicates the three lines: roja, green and purple.

Additional data

The Baku Metro offers direct access to many of the city's most important destinations, The most visited tourist and cultural attractions are the following:

  • Baku Boulevard (Sahil Station): Popular boardwalk with restaurants, shops and entertainment.
  • Maiden's Tower (Icheri Sheher Station): Historical heritage in the old town of Baku.
  • Centro Heydar Aliyev (Nariman Narimanov Station): Iconic contemporary architecture building.

Other stations, as 28 May y Ganjlik, They are very interesting to visit because they reflect the history and culture of the city, with a design that mixes Soviet and Azerbaijani motifs.

Old Baku metro maps

At a historical level, we record old maps in this section:

Mapa metro Baku

Old map version in PDF: Baku metro map.pdf

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