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Baku Metro

Logo of Baku Metro

Baku Metro, officially known as “Bakı Metropoliteni”, is the underground transportation system of the capital of Azerbaijan.

Inaugurated on 6 November 1967, This system has grown and expanded over the years, with its latest expansion in 2022.

At the moment, has 3 lines that cover 27 stations along 40.3 kilometres (about 25.04 miles). It is crucial for the daily mobility of residents and visitors in Baku.


The Baku Metro operates with the following schedules:

  • Every day: of 6:00h a 0:00h.


The system offers an affordable fare for passengers (year 2024):

  • One-way ticket: 0.30 AZN (~0.18 USD) for a single trip.

Official Web site

For more information, visit the Baku Metro official site.

Metro Map

Below we show you the map of the Baku Metro:

Mapa metro Baku

PDF version of the map: Map Metro Baku.pdf

History of the subway

Baku Metro, inaugurated on 6 November 1967, It is a symbol of the modernization of the city.

Inspired by Soviet metro systems, It started with a line 9.2 kilometers and five stations: Baku Soviet (now Cherry Sheher), Sahil, 28 April (hoy 28 May), Ganjlik y Nariman Narimanov. The network was gradually expanded with additional lines connecting more urban and suburban areas..

The second line, built between the decades of the 70 y 80, added important stations like Nizami y Memar Ajami.

During the years 90, the stations were renamed to reflect the post-Soviet period, and the system expanded across the Purple Line and other new stations, as Koroglu, 8 November y Bus station​ (Wikipedia)​​ (MetroGovAz)​.

Baku Metro Map History

The subway map has evolved over the years to reflect network expansions and station renewals.

The current version was designed by Ramin Həsənəlizadə in 2015, who identified the difficulties that travelers had navigating the system. Created a new version that clarified the routes and routes in different directions, ensuring information was clear to passengers, including tourists.

This new design makes it easier to understand the system, clearly indicating the three lines: roja, green and purple.

Additional data

The Baku Metro offers direct access to many of the city's most important destinations, connecting its stations with tourist and cultural attractions, as:

  • Baku Boulevard (Sahil Station): Popular boardwalk with restaurants, shops and entertainment.
  • Maiden's Tower (Icheri Sheher Station): Historical heritage in the old town of Baku.
  • Centro Heydar Aliyev (Nariman Narimanov Station): Iconic contemporary architecture building.

Other stations, as 28 May y Ganjlik, They also reflect the rich history and culture of the city, incorporating a design that mixes Soviet and Azerbaijani motifs (UrbanRail)​.